Additional Services

Birth Debriefs -
£55.00 per session

Birth Debriefs can be an extremely beneficial for woman who may have ahead a negative birth experience previously. Often, after this type of experience, future pregnancies can bring to light uncomfortable feelings about their birth, and most women aren't given an opportunity to understand what happened. This lack of understanding fuels negative feelings about birth and can increase anxiety and tension. 

By completing a birth debrief we can talk through all aspects of your previous birth and what concerns you moving forward. From this we can start to build an understanding of what happened, therefore enabling you to leave the negative feelings behind and increase your levels of confidence and calmness moving into your next birth experience. 

This can be completed over one or two sessions.

Essential Oil Therapy - 
£Price on request

I am a qualified Essential Oil Therapist, and can therefore recommend and supply oils that are safe to use and beneficial throughout pregnancy and birth. With blends available to help induce labour, aid with contractions and birth, and the relax and promote relaxation and feel good hormones post birth, there truly is something for every stage of your birthing experience. 

My expertise is not limited to pregnancy related therapy, and I am qualified to advise on beneficial oil therapies for a number of different health ailments.